Fine Produce

Conservas Güeyumar

Simply the finest canned seafood we have ever tried. So tender that it’s hard to believe it came out of a can.
They are perfect for a quick dinner or a tapas night. Get a good glass of wine, some warm bread, and a tomato salad; and you are ready to go!

Wild Red Tuna Morrillo (Nape of the neck)
Squid in its own ink
Mussels in Habanero Chili

Güeyumar‘s seafood is chargrilled and canned in Castillo de Canena olive oil (which happens to be one of our favourite olive oils). The mussels come in a scrumptiously smoky escabeche (vinegary (or just acidic) sauce spiced with Spanish paprika) whereas the tender squid hides in its own ink, in which we couldn’t stop ourselves from dipping bread. The show stopper, however, was the tuna neck. This juicy part of tuna reminds us of tuna belly, but the texture is firmer and less fatty while the flavour is more intense.

Originally a restaurant in Asturias, Spain, Gueyumar’s products can be bought online through their website for the Spanish market or Mevalco (Mevalco) in the UK.

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