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Plans for the future

It’s been 3 weeks since we started this small project, Objective Foodie, with the ambition to document and share our culinary discoveries with you. We are very pleased to have been rewarded with such a positive reaction. 

During these weeks, we have gathered some insight into how social media reacts to different types of content and which posts bring the most attention. Since we would like to maximise the impact of our work, we will be making a few changes based on those lessons learnt. Here’s how our content in the future will look like.

Instagram focuses on the eye-catching, attractive-at-first-look content. We will try to cater for this requirement more thoroughly while allowing the most curious and interested readers to dig deeper into our detailed recipes and reviews. Expect to see better lighting, some videos, Instagram stories and a more predictable posting schedule.

We will post every other day, with one review, one recipe and one wine post per week. The quality of the captions will be higher, covering content in greater detail. Since Instagram posts have a word limit, many of our captions need to be excerpts of the full version accessible in our blog.

On the days without a post, we will be uploading stories on recipes we are developing, restaurant reviews that are to come shortly, wine pairings or our small daily food discoveries. 

Photo: Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh (1888)

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