Our favourite roses this summer

A common aperitif wine in Provence, roses are a popular gulpable wine during the summer. The most consistent styles can be found in Provence and Tavel (France) giving fruity, floral and crisp wines that are meant to be drunk as soon as possible.
However, there are a few producers that manage to obtain a tannic and acidic structure capable of lasting much longer. Their wines tend to be more concentrated, more textural and slightly crispier. A few great examples are Château de Pibarnon, Château Simone or Domaine Tempier.

Clos Cibonne, which uses Tibouren – an uncommon varietal, can be put in a different category, but produces wines in a Provençal style. It was our first time tasting it and it did not fail to surprise.

The Viña Tondonia Rosado is in a league of its own. A rare wine released only in certain vintages, it has become a coveted and pricy rose. Being subjected to a winemaking of the like of a red Rioja, which includes bottle aging in the winery (López de Heredia), produces a wine perfumed with nutty aromas and very similar oak notes to those of the red Vina Tondonia.

Tasting notes:

López de Heredia – Viña Tondonia Rosado 2009
Nose:Fairly intense aromatically on the nose. We get almond, vanilla, coconut and orange.
Palate:The palate shows a very concentrated wine with peach, apples, wet stones and nutty aromas. Beautiful oxidised character. American oak is clearly still present.
Structure:The structure feels dry, crisp and high alcohol. The tannins are low and velvety. More present than in a Provence rose but lower than in the Red Tondonia. Long finish.

Clos Cibonne – Cru Classe Tibouren 2018
Nose:Nose of melon, pomegranate, raspberry and flowers.
Palate: Notes which in the palate show alongside some herbal aromas that linger through the finish. More concentrated than Tempier.
Structure:The high alcohol, soft low tannins, full bodied and crisp makes it less of an aperitif wine than a food wine.

Domaine Tempier – Rosé 2019
Nose:Intense aromas on nose. Flower pastille, roses, peach.
Palate:Roses, peach, apricots. Very clean and precise.
Structure:The structure surprises with high concentration and length. High alcohol, full bodied, crisp and dry. Tannins are low and silky. Beautifully balanced.

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